A ton of extremely useful, actionable feedback that directly and significantly improved our First Meaningful Paint, Time to Interactive, [and] Speed Index

— Cihat Imamoglu, Senior Software Engineer @ Fat Llama

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Audit 🔬

What: we’ll analyze the site, identify all performance issues, and compose a document with potential op­ti­mi­za­tions.

Great when: you have a team that wants to learn a lot about their website performance, and that is ready to implement all optimizations themselves.

Want an example? See this public Notion case study.

Optimization 🛠

What: we’ll join your project, roll up our sleeves, find all performance bottlenecks, and apply precise optimizations – all by ourselves.

Great when: you don’t want to distract the team from delivering business functionality, and you want to make sure all quirks and implementation nuances are considered.

Open Source 💛

Are you a non-commercial open-source project? Our work wouldn’t be possible without open-source tools. Reach out, and, if we have capacity, we’ll be glad to help for free.

Something else 🎁

Want something custom? We’ll be glad to chat. Reach us, and let’s figure out how we can help you.

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We worked with Google on educating developers about web performance. This targets the long-term goal of making the web faster.

This is some of the highest quality tutorial style documentation on webpack I’ve come across

Framer is a web-based tool for interactive interface design – one of the hottest ones, today.

We worked with Framer to perfect their user experience – by making user interactions smoother and app loading faster.

By working together, we reduced Speed Index and First CPU Idle of Framer Web by 40-45%. We also set up tooling around runtime perf – to help Framer keep & maintain achieved results in the future.

We’ve been very satisfied by working with Ivan! Ivan helped us to improve loading performance, runtime performance, and tooling around it. The quality of his work, approach, documentation, etc. has been outstanding.

Common is a modern coliving rental company. They pride themselves on the design of their housing.

Common wanted to improve their marketing ROI – and reached to us to help make their website faster. We jumped in and improved the PageSpeed Insights score from 39 to 75.

Working with Ivan was an absolute joy. He reliably produces world-class work, communicates effectively and often, and is always willing to share his deep expertise in application performance optimization.

Fat Llama is an e-commerce service that helps people borrow things (cameras, cars, games, tech, anything) from other people.

Fat Llama had issues with page loading performance. They successfully improved a lot of things themselves, but reached to us before finishing the optimization.

We helped Fat Llama to find low-hanging (and not so low-hanging) fruits that went unnoticed – and improve performance metrics even further.

Ivan gave a ton of extremely useful, actionable feedback that directly improved our First Meaningful Paint, Time to Interactive, Speed Index, First CPU Idle metrics significantly. Also, he helped with some bundle size optimization too.

Interaction with Ivan is dense in terms of knowledge transfer, and I guarantee you that you will learn a lot of new things. On top of all these, he’s a super smooth person to work with. All in all, I cannot recommend Ivan enough!

CMTT is a media company specializing in tech and entertainment content. Their sites (like VC and TJournal) together reach 15 million views a month.

CMTT had an issue: when an article on one of their sites had a lot of comments, scrolling the page was freezing the browser.

We helped CMTT to optimize the scrolling performance of comments on their sites. The frames-per-second rate got 4–10× higher depending on the device.

Ivan Akulov found a beautiful solution and implemented it on his own. We’ve been satisfied with the results!

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PerfPerfPerf is ran by Ivan Akulov, a Google Developer Expert, an international speaker, and a web performance consultant.

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