A ton of extremely useful, actionable feedback that directly and significantly improved our First Meaningful Paint, Time to Interactive, [and] Speed Index

— Cihat Imamoglu, Senior Software Engineer @ Fat Llama

Let’s Make You Fast 🚀

Find What To Improve 🔬

What: we’ll analyze the site, identify all performance issues, and tell you which ones matter the most & how to fix them.

Great when: you need a step-by-step guide into improving your Core Web Vitals or app responsiveness.

I want to marry that audit document! The level of detail, including going through our own codebase and pin-pointing where exactly improvements need to happen, it’s just... wow

Piotr Krawiec · Product Engineer @ Framer

Format: An audit document with concrete actionable steps · Takes one-two weeks · One month of support afterwards (to make sure the implementation goes smoothly)

Want an example? See these public case studies: Notion app · Causal app

Optimize the App 🛠

What: we’ll join your project, roll up our sleeves, find all performance bottlenecks, and apply precise optimizations – all by ourselves.

Great when: you don’t want to distract the team from delivering business functionality.

In just a couple weeks, Ivan significantly improved runtime performance and tree shaking of our key components. One of our products’ bundle got 3 times smaller – with 10× less JS needed for the initial load!

David Sigley · Head of Engineering @ Castor

Grow The Team 🧑‍💻

What: we’ll teach your team everything we know about React performance or Core Web Vitals.

How this looks: we’ll take a bunch of slow sites or apps → profile each one → and make each one faster, learning multiple performance tools and techniques in the process.

Great when: you want to learn how to keep your site fast on your own.

Ivan is immensely knowledgeable in React, in performance and in the combination of the two. I really recommend PerfPerfPerf’s React workshop to developers interested in getting the most out of their apps and in understanding the inner workings of React profiling.

Nicolás Delfino · Lead consultant & Performance competence lead @ 13|37

Format: Covers React performance or Core Web Vitals · Online or offline · Takes 12-16 hours. More details

Open Source 💛

Are you a non-commercial open-source project? Our work wouldn’t be possible without open-source tools. Reach out, and, if we have capacity, we’ll be glad to help for free.

Something Else 🎁

Want something custom? We’ll be glad to help. Reach us, and let’s figure out how our experience can be relevant.

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Perf Guides



We worked with Google on educating developers about web performance. This targets the long-term goal of making the web faster.

This is some of the highest quality tutorial style documentation on webpack I’ve come across

Hugo helps to keep meeting notes and tasks in one place.

react performance
core web vitals

The Hugo team was noticing their React app was slow here and there. They weren’t sure what was causing that, so they reached out to PerfPerfPerf for help.

We identified multiple loading and runtime performance optimizations and guided Hugo through implementing them. As a result, Hugo’s JS init time decreased 2.5×, the editor input latency improved 1.7×, and the Lighthouse score (even not being a goal) increased by 23 points.

We were more than satisfied working with Ivan. Ivan communicated very well throughout the whole process, and the level of detail in his suggestions and recommendations was just outstanding.

Christian Sampaio, CTO @ Hugo

Finder helps 2 million Australian customers track spending, find deals, and save money.

core web vitals

A huge chunk of Finder’s new customers come to Finder from search. Finder wanted to make the site faster and grow their organic traffic, and they asked us to help.

We helped Finder to move Core Web Vitals to green for 98% of their pages. As a result, Finder’s organic traffic grew 50%, and conversion also increased.

Castor is a tech platform that makes clinical trials easier.

react performance
core web vitals

Castor reached out to us when they were building a new product. They noticed the product’s bundle was too large, realized Castor’s design system caused this, but weren’t sure how to fix it.

We jumped in and made the design system load faster. We also optimized the runtime performance of a few critical components, increasing their responsiveness from 1..2 to 20..30 FPS.

In just a couple weeks, Ivan significantly improved runtime performance and tree shaking of our key components. One of our products’ bundle got 3 times smaller – with 10× less JS needed for the initial load.

Appsmith is a low-code platform for building internal apps.

react performance

With Appsmith, we did three React rendering performance audits. This helped us to focus on different aspects of app’s UI speed. With audit recommendations implemented, the app got 1.9…2.8× faster across multiple user interactions.

This customer was an enterprise marketing agency with an undisclosed name.

lighthouse score

PerfPerfPerf worked with an enterprise marketing agency to push its site’s PageSpeed Insights score from ~50 to ~95. This was critical for converting customers – before the optimizations, some customers would see a poor score and churn away.

We analyzed the site, found every issue affecting the score, figured out how to solve them, and guided the team through implementing the solutions.

Ivan’s advice was all exceptionally clear. I really appreciated Ivan including his whole thought process, including what he tried that may not have worked – before arriving at a final solution.

Ivan’s responsiveness was a godsend and a clear cut above any other consultants we’ve used in the past, and the overall level of organization + timetable he brought was truly fantastic!

Ryan, Marketing Consultant

Framer is an website design tool.

react performance
build performance
core web vitals

For Framer, higher performance means happier users and better retention.

We worked with Framer to perfect the loading speed of Framer UI and Framer Sites. At the Framer UI, we reduced Speed Index and First CPU Idle of the UI by 40-45%. With Framer Sites, we’ve been working together to improve the Core Web Vitals and the Lighthouse score. We also improved the performance of internal tools, to make engineers more productive and save costs.

We’ve been very satisfied by working with Ivan! Ivan helped us to improve loading performance, runtime performance, and tooling around it. The quality of his work, approach, documentation, etc. has been outstanding.

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