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Web performance directly affects conversion

AliExpress made their site faster by 36% and got 10.5% more orders. Source
Walmart saw up to 1% increase in profits for each 100 ms improvement. Source
Mozilla made the browser download page 2.2 s faster and increased downloads by 15.4%. Source

This happens because the slower the site loads, the larger percentage of users gets distracted by a different task and doesn’t come back.

Let’s make you earn more 💸

We can:

Fix a problem

We’ll analyze and solve your particular performance issue. If your app loads slowly, or a page freezes when you use it, this is for you.

We won’t take money if we’re unable to solve the issue.

Keep the app fast

Once per month, we’ll analyze your app and fix all the performance issues we can find. If you want to never think about your app’s speed again, this is for you.

To make this reliable, we’ll define specific performance budgets (loading time or app size) and keep the app inside them.

Answer some questions Beta

We’ll schedule a short consulting session and discuss any web performance questions related to your product that you have in mind. 30 minutes for $60 or 60 minutes for $100. Paid straight from a card.

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We worked with Google on educating developers about web performance. This targets the long-term goal of making the web faster.

This is some of the highest quality tutorial style documentation on webpack I’ve come across

CMTT is a Russia-based media holding company with sites like VC and TJournal.

CMTT had an issue: when an article on one of their sites had a lot of comments, scrolling the page was freezing the browser.

We helped CMTT to optimize the scrolling performance of comments on their sites. The frames-per-second rate got 4–10× higher depending on the device.

Ivan Akulov found a beautiful solution and implemented it on his own. We’ve been satisfied with the results!

Jochen Schweizer is a German e-commerce company selling experiences (such as hiking with huskies, dinners in an unusual place, and so on).

Jochen Schweizer had multiple web performance issues with loading and using the site.

We helped to find performance issues and improve the site speed. Made the initial rendering more than twice faster; fixed the runtime issues.

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